Multisite store special cases

Considering multi-site environment, this group includes special-case objects. This is because these objects are neither objects with both site and global option nor objects with only site or global option.

The following objects belong to this group:


The system binds orders to specific sites.


The system binds anonymous customers to specific sites. It also binds to specific sites registered customers (through their user accounts). Such dependencies allow your customers to have preferred currencies, payment methods and shipping options on different sites.

Customers credit

Your customers can have global credit, and credit bound to specific sites. However, they cannot mix global and site-specific credit together. This means your customers can pay on a given site either with global credit or with site-specific credit.


The system binds to specific sites the following types of discount:

Discount rules

The discount rules are objects that you can use on a given site only as global objects, i.e. objects shared across all your sites.