Customizing group pages using widgets

Group pages may contain areas where administrators of individual groups can edit content using widgets. Widgets are page components that display content or provide some type of functionality.

To allow customization via widgets for groups, set up group widget zones when creating the website’s group page templates.

Adding content to group widget zones


  • Only group administrators can work with widgets on the pages of a group. Group administrators are members who belong to a group role that is allowed to Manage the group. See Editing groups for more information.
  • Editing of group widgets only works on pages that are owned by a group:
    • When creating groups on the live site, the system automatically sets group ownership for all of the group’s pages.
    • Website administrators can manually configure the group ownership of individual pages in Pages -> Edit -> Properties -> General through the Owned by group property.

You can add widgets on pages that contain group widget zones. To edit the content of the zones, view the group’s pages on the live site.

  1. Hover over a widget zone on the page.

    • A dotted outline appears around the zone.
  2. Click Add new widget () in the top left corner of the zone.

  3. Select a widget from the catalog (you can only choose widgets that are allowed for group zones).

  4. Click Select.

    • The widget configuration dialog opens (some widgets skip the initial property configuration dialog).
  5. Set the properties of the widget. To learn more about specific widget properties, hover over the field captions and read the tooltips.

    For security reasons, the system does NOT resolve macro expressions placed into the values of widget properties in the configuration dialog.

  6. Click OK.

The system adds the widget to the page, inside the selected zone. The widget instantly becomes visible for all users who have access to the group’s pages. Users who are not administrators of the group can see the content of the widget zones, but cannot manage the widgets.