Settings - Blogs

The Blogs settings category allows adjusting the following settings:


Send blog e-mails from

E-mail address that will be used as the Sender (‘From’) address of notification e-mails.

Enable blog post trackbacks

If checked, specified blog posts are pinged after the new blog post is saved. Clear this setting if you are creating your site on the production server to avoid creating trackbacks to your production server.

Use external service for trackbacks

Indicates if the external Scheduler Windows service should be used to process scheduled tasks which handle trackbacks.


Blog unsubscription URL

URL of a page on which the Blog post unsubscription web part is placed – this is a special web part used for handling unsubscriptions from receiving notifications about new blog posts.

Enable double opt-in for blog post comments

Indicates if double opt-in should be enabled for blog post comments. When enabled, users are required to confirm their subscription by clicking a link that is sent to them in an e-mail.

Double opt-in approval page path

Path to the page that contains the Blog post subscription confirmation web part. The subscription confirmation link that will be sent to users will point to this page.

Double opt-in interval (hours)

Amount of time in hours, during which the users have to confirm their subscription request.

Send double opt-in confirmation

Indicates if an e-mail confirmation should be sent to users after they approve a subscription. If double opt-in is disabled, these confirmation e-mails are always sent.

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