Creating new forms

You can create new on-line forms in the Forms application:

  1. Open the Forms application.
  2. Click New form.
  3. Enter the name of the form.
  4. Click Save.

You have created a new form. Now you can specify its properties or continue designing the form in one of two modes:

Form properties

After you create an on-line form or when editing an on-line form, you can define the following properties (on the General tab):

Form display name

Name of the form used in the administration interface.

Form code name

Name that serves as an identifier for the form. For example, in code.

Table name

Name of the database table where this form’s records are stored.

After the form is submitted

Sets the action that will be performed when a new record is submitted by a user:

  • Display text - the text message specified here will be displayed.
  • Redirect to URL - the client browser will be redirected to the given URL.
  • Clear form - a new form without any data will be displayed.
  • Continue editing - the form is sent, but it will still be displayed without any changes and further editing will be possible.

Submit button text

Sets the caption of the button used to submit the form.

Submit button image

URL of an image that can be used instead of the submit button. If blank, a button with the text defined in the property above is displayed.