Setting up search on your website

Kentico provides an index-based search solution, which allows users to search through the content of websites and various types of data within the system.

You can choose between two different approaches – Azure Search and local indexes.

  • Indexed content is stored using the cloud-based Azure Search
  • Wide range of features, including faceted navigation, search result scoring, language analysis, etc.
  • Requires an Azure Search service (subscriptions are paid except for limited search scenarios, the price depends on the selected Pricing tier)
  • No default components for searching through Azure Search indexes and displaying search results (requires custom development)
  • Search queries can target only one search index

To learn more, see the Using Azure Search sub-chapter.

Locally stored search indexes

  • Search indexes are stored as files on the web server’s file system
  • Offers multiple specialized index types by default (web crawler indexes and indexes covering custom table, forum or form data)
  • Built-in components for searching and displaying results (for websites based on ASP.NET web forms)
  • Searches can target multiple indexes

To learn more, see the Using locally stored search indexes sub-chapter.