Editing metafiles using WebDAV edit mode

Metafiles in Kentico are files stored together with system objects. Typical examples of metafiles are:

  • E-commerce product images
  • web part thumbnails
  • widget thumbnails
  • page template thumbnails
  • etc.

All these files can be edited using WebDAV Edit mode — in the respective fields, you can find the Edit in client application () icon. Clicking the icon opens the the file for editing in a client application (if there is an application for the particular file type installed on the client machine and if the application supports WebDAV).

Editing a product using WebDav Edit mode

Required permissions

The following metafiles can be edited by site editors with appropriate permissions:


Permissions matrix

Required permissions

Forms metafiles

Module -> Forms

Read form, Edit form

E-commerce invoice

Module -> E-commerce

Read configuration, Modify configuration

E-commerce product images

Module -> E-commerce

Read products, Modify products

Email feeds(email attachments)

Module -> Email marketing

Read, Author campaign emails

Email feeds (email template attachments)

Module -> Email marketing

Read, Manage templates and widgets

Reports (General tab -> Attachments)

Module -> Reporting

Read, Modify

All other metafiles can only be edited by users with the Global administrator privilege level.