Integrating social media

Kentico allows you to integrate features provided by the most popular social media sites.

Social marketing

Social marketing allows you to attract visitors to your website through social media. With Kentico, you can post content to Facebook and Twitter, and access your account’s analytics data from the administration interface.


Important: The Facebook publishing functionality in Kentico 11 no longer works due to changes in the Facebook API and updated security requirements. To use the functionality, upgrade to Kentico 12 (Service Pack) and apply the latest hotfix.



Note: The Kentico 11 functionality for managing LinkedIn company profiles no longer works after May 1, 2019 (due to changes in the LinkedIn API, see the Developer Program Updates announcement for details). If you wish to use this functionality, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Kentico.

Social media authentication

With social media authentication features, website users and editors don’t need to create a separate account for your websites. You can allow people to sign in using their existing account on Facebook.