Importing products

If you do not want to manually enter products into the system one by one, you can use tools for importing all your desired products.

The Kentico E-commerce Solution offers the following ways to import products:

If you cannot or do not want to import products, create products manually. At least, create a sample product because of the later configuration steps.

License limitations on the number of products

Kentico websites may have a maximum limit on the number of enabled products (SKUs). The limit depends on the License Edition under which the site is running and the applied hotfix version. See the Products page for detailed information.

Importing products using Kentico Import Toolkit

Kentico Import Toolkit is a tool which helps you import data, including products, from external sources, such as:

  • XML files
  • CSV files
  • XLSX/XLSM files (MS Excel)
  • MS SQL databases

The tool also enables you to categorize products in an already existing product structure.

Find more detailed information about Kentico Import Toolkit in Importing products using Kentico Import Toolkit.

Importing products using the API

Another way to import products is to use the API (application programming interface) for developers.

Importing products via API requires using Visual Studio and some programming skills, which is suitable especially for experienced users. However, you are able to:

  • Import products from whichever format
  • Modify the importing process based on your needs
See more information about the API for importing products in Importing products using API.