Integrating Kentico with other applications

If you need to combine your Kentico website with an existing application, consider the issues described on this page.

Location of Kentico and your application

You can organize the Kentico web project and your application in the following ways:

Mixing both applications together

If you wish to share functionality, content, security information and session/application variables between Kentico and your application, you can mix both applications into a single project. The easiest way is to use the Kentico web project as the main application, since it’s already correctly configured. You can add your own assemblies, projects, ASPX pages and other files to the Kentico solution.

Using separate nested applications

If your application needs to run independently from Kentico, you can host separate applications in your IIS. There are two possible scenarios:

  • Kentico manages the main website - place the Kentico web project (CMS folder) into the root of the website and your external application into a sub-directory. You need to create a virtual directory in IIS for the external application.
  • Kentico only provides a sub-section of the website or serves as a content repository - install the Kentico web project into a sub-directory under your application.

By default, child applications inherit the configuration specified in the parent application’s web.config file. This can make them fail to start. See Child web application fails to start for more information.

Sharing security information between Kentico and your application

  • If you wish to use shared authentication for both your application and Kentico, you need to configure your environment for single sign-on.
  • To use a single system of permissions (authorization), you can leverage permissions and custom modules.