Posting to social media

Kentico allows you to post to social media and see your entries within the Kentico user interface. For posting and updating content, Kentico supports:


Before you can post to any of the supported social media:

  1. Create an App and register it in Kentico.
  2. Register a social media account (Facebook page or Twitter channel).

Posting to Facebook

Important: The Facebook publishing functionality in Kentico 11 no longer works due to changes in the Facebook API and updated security requirements. To use the functionality, upgrade to Kentico 12 (Service Pack) and apply the latest hotfix.

Posting to Twitter

  1. Open the Twitter Kentico application.
  2. On the Tweets tab, click New tweet.
  3. Select a Twitter channel you want to tweet to.
    • If there are no channels to choose from, register one first on the Channels tab.
  4. Write the tweet text.
  5. (Optional) Select a URL shortener.
  6. (Optional) Enter a Publishing time to schedule the publishing of the tweet for a later time.
  7. (Optional) Select a  campaign to which the tweet belongs.
  8. Click Save.

The system publishes your tweet to the selected page. If you chose to publish the tweet later, you can Edit () the tweet before the system publishes it.

To check if your tweet was published, view the list of tweets. The list shows the publishing time next to each tweet.

Kentico allows you to analyze the impact of your tweets and success of your account. See Viewing Twitter analytics.

Sending company updates to LinkedIn

Note: The Kentico 11 functionality for managing LinkedIn company profiles no longer works after May 1, 2019 (due to changes in the LinkedIn API, see the Developer Program Updates announcement for details). If you wish to use this functionality, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Kentico.

Changing existing social media posts and content updates

Changing Twitter and Facebook posts

You cannot edit existing posts or tweets from within Kentico once they have been published. If a post or tweet hasn’t been published yet, you can Edit () it from the list of posts or tweets.

To delete a post or tweet, view the list of posts or tweets and click Delete () next to the item that you want to delete. This action deletes both the record in Kentico and the post on the particular social media.

Required permissions for posting to social media

To post to social media from Kentico, an administrator must give you permissions for the Social media module. You need either Modify or Modify posts.

Advanced configuration of post scheduling

If you schedule a post for later publishing, the system creates a scheduled task for the post. By default, the scheduler in Kentico executes tasks when a user makes a request to the application. Periods of inactivity on the website and in the administration interface will cause posts to be published later than scheduled, i.e. when someone requests a page in the system or on the website.

To solve this issue, and increase the performance of the system at the same time, use the external scheduler service, which runs independently of the main Kentico web application, or use automatic scheduler mode.