Settings - Authorize.NET

This page describes settings related to the Authorize.NET payment gateway. The Authorize.NET settings can be configured in the Settings application, within the E-commerce -> Payment gateways -> Authorize.NET category. These settings are not available in the Store configuration or Multistore configuration application.


API login

The API login ID for the related account in the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface:

Transaction key

The Transaction key obtained for the related account in the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface.

Transaction type

Sets the type of transactions used by the Authorize.NET gateway during payment:

  • Authorize and Capture – successfully authorized transactions are automatically submitted for settlement.
  • Authorization with Delayed Capture – only authorization occurs during the initial payment (places a hold on the transaction amount). Capturing of funds needs to be done manually at a later time by editing orders. Delayed capture transactions are suitable for stores where products are physically shipped some time after orders are placed.