Configuring the Shopping cart totals web part

When you create the checkout process in your on-line store, Kentico offers several possible options on how to display total prices or other total values of your shopping cart. All the possible options are available using the Shopping cart totals web part. You can place more Shopping cart totals web parts on a page to combine them and achieve your desired appearance.

To add the Shopping cart totals web part to your checkout process or to modify it:

  1. Place the Shopping cart totals web part on your shopping cart page. If you want to modify an already existing Shopping cart totals web part, open the configuration dialog.

    • The Web part properties dialog appears.
  2. Set the properties in the General category:

    • Total to display – select which type of total the web part should display:

      Products total

      Total price of all products in the shopping cart. 

      Discounts that affect the prices of products are included, but order discounts are NOT included.

      The site’s settings determine whether the value includes taxes.

      Shipping total

      Total price of shipping. The site’s settings determine whether the value includes taxes.

      Order discounts total

      The total value (price reduction) of all order discounts that apply to the shopping cart.


      The final total price of the shopping cart, after including everything (discounts, taxes, gift cards, etc.). This is the price the customer will pay.

      Tax total

      Total tax of all items in the shopping cart and shipping.

      Weight total

      Total weight of the items in the shopping cart.

      Other payments total

      The total value that was subtracted from the shopping cart’s total price due to redeemed gift cards.

    • String format – type the format used to display the totals.

      • The{0} specifier represents the amount. For example, to display 50*, type*{0} into this field. To learn more about format strings, see MSDN. If you leave the value empty, the system uses the default format string – you can set a default format string for each currency and for mass.
      • If the total is a monetary value (i.e., the total is expressed in a currency), the currency is specified by the Currency selectionweb part if available. If the web part is not on the page, the main currency is used.
    • Label – specify the caption that the web part displays before the total value on the page.

  3. Configure any other required web part properties.

  4. Click Save & Close.

The system adds the Shopping cart totals web part or edits the existing web part, and displays the specified total on the given checkout page.