Checkout process

Checkout process represents a fully customizable mechanism that the customers need to go through to purchase products offered in your on-line store. Although the checkout process is automatic and no direct involvement by your staff is needed, you have full control over the process.

Types and content of checkout processes

You can create a one-step checkout process on a single page or a multi-step checkout process on multiple pages. The content of the checkout process pages, is facilitated by a set of dedicated web parts, and includes, for example:

Features of checkout processes

Besides the possibility of having a one-step or a multi-step checkout process, the Kentico E-commerce Solution also offers:

  • A responsive checkout process for mobile devices (or a checkout process specifically for mobile devices)
  • The option to checkout as an anonymous customer, as a registered customer or both
  • A clear indication of the steps/progress throughout the entire checkout process
  • Using information that the customer entered in the previous steps

Setting up checkout processes

To create the checkout process, use only the Portal engine. The ASPX templates are not supported as well as if you use Portal engine sections on pages based on the ASPX templates.

In this section, you can find out how to configure all of the mentioned checkout process variants, responsively or for desktops. If you want to create a separate checkout process for mobile devices, see Developing websites for mobile devices. Creating of the mobile checkout process is otherwise the same as creating of the desktop checkout process.