Developing on-line stores in MVC

With Kentico, you can create on-line stores with the ASP.NET MVC framework. You use Kentico as a content platform with e-commerce data and develop an MVC application separately. Both applications then access the same database. In the end, you can build an MVC website based on your needs and only connect it to Kentico to use the data.

For leveraging the e-commerce functionality of Kentico, use the e-commerce integration package (Kentico.Ecommerce) available in NuGet Package Manager to simplify the process of creating the store. The Kentico.Ecommerce integration package contains supporting models and services you may need to build an on-line store.

Supported e-commerce integration with MVC

All supported MVC objects

You can learn what is and what is not supported on MVC sites in Supported and unsupported Kentico features on MVC sites.