Supported and unsupported Kentico features on MVC sites

This page describes which Kentico features are supported when using a separate MVC application to present your website.

Kentico features supported for MVC sites

The following features are supported and you can use them when developing your MVC applications.

Kentico features not supported for MVC sites

Features or scenarios that are not included in the supported list above are not fully tested. You may be able to implement some of the functionality in your MVC application, but we cannot guarantee that everything will work correctly.

For example, the following features are currently not supported:

  • Continuous integration
  • Device profiles
  • Google Sitemaps
  • Integration bus
  • Macro resolving
  • Other e-commerce features
  • Other on-line marketing features
  • Page aliases
  • Staging (for objects not created via the administration UI)
  • Web parts
  • Widgets

For more information about specific scenarios, please contact our support with a detailed description of your requirements.