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Community features


Allow website users to engage in threaded conversations and ask and answer questions.

Message boards

Enable visitors to post messages on your website and comment on pages. Combine message boards with Content rating to allow visitors to write content reviews.

Social media integration

Post to Facebook and Twitter and monitor the impact of your posts on your audience, allow users to log in with their Facebook credentials, or display social media content on your websites.


Set up chat rooms to enable site users to talk to each other in real time. Provide your site visitors with means to chat with your staff using support chat.

User contributions

Allow website users to contribute to the site’s content. For example, you can create a wiki by leveraging user contributions.

Content rating

Enable visitors to give numeric scores to pages.


Allow users to add an image to their user account.


Enable users to score points by performing actions on the website and earn higher ranks represented by badges.


Organize website users into community groups according to their interests. Groups can have their own pages, media libraries, forums, message boards, and other interactive features.


Allow users of your website to form virtual relationships and use them to share personal information and send messages.

Bad words

Automatically filter out, replace, or report explicit content in forums, message boards, and private messages.

Abuse reports

Allow users to report any offending or unsuitable content using a link or a button.


Allow users to send messages to each other. Includes a contact list and an ignore list.