Displaying badges in user profiles

You can use built-in form controls to display badges in user profiles, or in any other form that displays or edits user data. By default, the User public profile web part uses the CMS.User.DisplayProfile form, which already includes the user’s badge.

Changing badge appearance in User public profile

You can change how the badge appears in the default User public profile web part. You can use one of the two form controls that display badge data:

  • Viewer - Badge image (ViewBadgeImage) - used for displaying the image of a badge.
  • Viewer - Badge text (ViewBadgeText) - used for displaying the Display name of a badge.
  1. Open the Modules application and Edit () the Membership module.
  2. Switch to the Classes tab and edit the User class.
  3. Switch to the Alternative forms tab and edit the Display profile form.
  4. On the Fields tab, select the UserBadgeID field.
  5. Under Field appearance, change Form control to either Viewer - Badge text or Viewer - Badge image.

The User public profile displays either the badge image or badge display name.