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Welcome to our series of guides designed to help you master essential concepts in Xperience by Kentico. Whether you’re installing Xperience, generating code files, designing scalable solutions with the Clean Architecture pattern, or using PowerShell scripts to streamline development tasks, you’ll find valuable information that you can immediately use to start up your project.

The guides below provide the foundational knowledge you need. Each guide stands alone, offering clear and practical insights to enhance your development skills. If you want to code along and learn how to build Xperience by Kentico application step-by-step, consider taking the First steps.

Technical spotlights

Explore how to install the Xperience Dancing Goat sample site using the .NET CLI, what generating strongly-typed code files looks like, and learn the benefits of continuous integration for seamless data and schema propagation between developer instances.

Install Xperience by Kentico

See how you can install Xperience Dancing Goat sample site using the .NET Command Line Interface.

Generate code for custom content and data classes

Watch as Sean Wright demonstrates how to generate strongly-typed code files with the .NET CLI in Xperience by Kentico.

Set up continuous integration developer workflow

Learn the benefits of continuous integration as Sean Wright walks through the process of propagating data and schema changes from one developer instance of Xperience by Kentico to another.

Development utilities

Discover utilities to enhance your development experience with Xperience by Kentico. Dive in and supercharge your productivity!

Automate regular tasks with PowerShell scripts

Learn how to automate common recurring tasks in Kentico Xperience environments using PowerShell scripts.


Navigate the intricate world of software architecture with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned architect or a curious developer, guides in this section are your compass to building robust, scalable solutions.

Use abstraction and enterprise-level architecture in Xperience projects

Unlock the secrets of streamlined enterprise architecture in Xperience by Kentico, balancing abstraction, layering, and tradeoffs for optimal code maintenance.