Page builder

Page Builder

Editors use Xperience by Kentico Page Builder to create dynamic and engaging digital experiences. Discover a series of comprehensive guides that provide step-by-step instructions on implementing and optimizing Xperience by Kentico Page Builder components From mastering Page Builder sections to crafting custom widgets, these guides equip you with the expertise to enhance your projects and exceed customer expectations.

Meet requirements with page builder CONCEPT

Read this guide to see what is Xperience by Kentico and how it empowers editors by providing intuitive, user-friendly editing interface.

Add a custom dropdown provider for administration components HOW-TO

Find out how you can dynamically populate Xperience dropdown selectors and optimize user experiences through dynamic data mapping techniques.

Create versatile templates, part 1 TUTORIAL

Explore how to enable editors and create a page template that displays structured product data with different styling options determined by its properties.

Create versatile templates, part 2 HOW-TO

Find out how you can extend the page template you’ve built in a previous guide with additional configurable properties.

Implement flexible sections HOW-TO

Discover how to empower your editors with flexible page builder sections, allowing them to effortlessly tailor the layout and appearance of pages within a set template configuration, while retaining control over widget placement.

Build a simple call-to-action widget TUTORIAL

See how you can build Simple Call to Action (CTA) widget editors will use to display and style structured data or capture input from live site visitors.

Define an advanced widget HOW-TO

Learn how to build a complex Product widget with different configuration properties editors can use to determine which product data it display on the website and how the data are presented.

What’s next?

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