Create a recipient list

Start with setting up a newsletter recipient list and set up a subscription and unsubscription email.

Contacts who decide to subscribe are stored in recipient lists. You want to create the correct recipient list for your email and inform your colleagues about its purpose.

  1. Open the Recipient lists application.
  2. Select New recipient list.
  3. Fill in the properties:
    1. Name: Mortgages form applicants.
    2. Code name: MortgagesFormApplicants.
    3. Description: Prospective Mortgages clients who submitted the Mortgages form.
  4. In Approval settings, select Add page. In the page tree, go to Special pages, and select Thank you (general) from the available pages.
  5. Do the same in Unsubscribe settings, but select Newsletter unsubscription confirmation this time.
  6. Save your changes.

To complete the subscription process, you will link the recipient list to the form on the Mortgages page. Once a visitor fills in the form, Xperience adds them to the recipient list.

Next step

Once you have a recipient list ready, you can create a marketing email.