Update existing contact group

See how you can adjust an existing contact group to match new definition.

Let’s say that you want to personalize the content of you website for contacts collected into a contact group. Just before you launch your campaign, you realize that your contact group definition doesn’t verify if a contact gave you a consent agreement to use this advanced marketing tactic.

The following how-to show you steps to fix your contact group definition.

  1. Go to the Contact groups application.
  2. Open the group you want to change.
  3. Select Edit in the Conditions field.
    1. Add condition group.
    2. Find the Contact has agreed with consent condition rule.
    3. Select the specific consent from the drop-down list.
      1. You may want to add several different consents. In such a case, add each consent as a new condition rule using Add another condition button.
    4. Save your changes.
  4. After you edit the conditions, you must Recalculate the group. During recalculation, Xperience checks all the contacts in the database and the group and keeps only those contacts in the group that fulfill the updated requirements.
    1. Above the group overview, you’ll see a friendly warning informing you about the changes.
    2. Select Recalculate the group to reevaluate contacts, and let Xperience will do the work.

Next step

To learn more about contacts, continue to the contact segmentation overview.