Master Xperience by Kentico with our series of guides, covering everything from installing specific versions using .NET CLI to creating and managing reusable content types and designing page templates with Page Builder widgets and sections for structured content display. Learn how to implement data protection and activity tracking or make your website channels support multiple languages.

Each guide is standalone and you can explore them in any order you prefer. If you are interested in a specific topic, simply pick it from the list below. The guide explains the topic and contains code samples that demonstrate the implementation, making it easy to understand and apply what you know.

However, there is a hidden path from zero to hero. We have grouped the guides into a sequence, allowing you to build your knowledge.

Starting from the First steps, you can learn the concepts and code along, gradually building a tiny Training Guides application. The code for this application is available on GitHub, so you can refer to it and ensure you are on the right track as you develop your skills.

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Technical spotlights

Explore how to install the Xperience Dancing Goat sample site using the .NET CLI, what generating strongly-typed code files looks like, and learn the benefits of continuous integration for seamless data and schema propagation between developer instances.

Install Xperience by Kentico

See how you can install Xperience Dancing Goat sample site using the .NET Command Line Interface.

Generate code for custom content and data classes

Watch as Sean Wright demonstrates how to generate strongly-typed code files using the Xperience by Kentico .NET CLI.

Set up continuous integration developer workflow

Learn the benefits of continuous integration as Sean Wright walks through the process of propagating data and schema changes from one developer instance of Xperience by Kentico to another.

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Development utilities

Discover utilities to enhance your development experience with Xperience by Kentico. Dive in and supercharge your productivity!

Automate regular tasks with PowerShell scripts

Learn how to automate common recurring tasks in Kentico Xperience environments using PowerShell scripts.


Navigate the intricate world of software architecture with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned architect or a curious developer, guides in this section are your compass to building robust, scalable solutions.

Use abstraction and enterprise-level architecture in Xperience projects

Unlock the secrets of streamlined enterprise architecture in Xperience by Kentico, balancing abstraction, layering, and tradeoffs for optimal code maintenance.

First steps

From installing to first content presentation

Explore our series of guides to master Xperience by Kentico: learn how to install specific versions using .NET CLI, create and manage reusable content types for consistent multi-channel content, and design page templates for structured content display.

Install a specific version of Xperience by Kentico

Learn how to install a specific version of Xperience by Kentico using the .NET CLI, especially useful for aligning with your company’s existing version or approval processes.

Create a reusable content type

Discover how to create and manage reusable content types in Xperience by Kentico that ensure content consistency across multiple channels like web sites, emails, and other applications.

Display structured content with page templates

See how you can create page templates to display content stored in a structured format in Xperience by Kentico.

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Page Builder

Page Builder

Editors use Xperience by Kentico Page Builder to create dynamic and engaging digital experiences. Discover a series of comprehensive guides that provide step-by-step instructions on implementing and optimizing Xperience by Kentico Page Builder components From mastering Page Builder sections to crafting custom widgets, these guides equip you with the expertise to enhance your projects and exceed customer expectations.

Meet requirements with page builder CONCEPT

Read this guide to see what is Xperience by Kentico and how it empowers editors by providing intuitive, user-friendly editing interface.

Add a custom dropdown provider for administration components HOW-TO

Find out how you can dynamically populate Xperience dropdown selectors and optimize user experiences through dynamic data mapping techniques.

Create versatile templates, part 1 TUTORIAL

Explore how to enable editors and create a page template that displays structured product data with different styling options determined by its properties.

Create versatile templates, part 2 HOW-TO

Find out how you can extend the page template you’ve built in a previous guide with additional configurable properties.

Implement flexible sections HOW-TO

Discover how to empower your editors with flexible page builder sections, allowing them to effortlessly tailor the layout and appearance of pages within a set template configuration, while retaining control over widget placement.

Build a simple call-to-action widget TUTORIAL

See how you can build Simple Call to Action (CTA) widget editors will use to display and style structured data or capture input from live site visitors.

Define an advanced widget HOW-TO

Learn how to build a complex Product widget with different configuration properties editors can use to determine which product data it display on the website and how the data are presented.

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Data protection


Dive into our series of guides to learn how to create custom pages in Xperience for mapping cookie levels to consents, build comprehensive cookie configuration pages with granular tiers, and design cookie banners for easy visitor consent. Gain the knowledge to ensure your Xperience application is compliant with data protection laws transparent in data processing.

Map consents to cookie levels

Learn how to create a custom page in Xperience to map custom cookie levels to consents, facilitating compliance with data protection laws and ensuring transparency in data processing consent agreements.

Create a cookie preferences widget

Discover how to create a comprehensive cookie configuration page with granular cookie tiers using widgets, helper classes, and custom controllers to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Build a tracking consent banner

Find out how to create a cookie banner that lets visitors easily consent to all tracking cookies without navigating to a separate cookie policy page.

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Collectors & Erasers

Discover essential guides empowering developers with the know-how to navigate GDPR compliance effortlessly in Xperience by Kentico, covering everything from crafting identity collectors to implementing data collectors and data erasers for seamless data management and legal adherence.

Identity collectors - Gather contacts associated with a visitor

Unlock the process of creating an identity collector to ensure compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws, giving your visitors visibility and control over their personal data.

Data collectors - Find contact personal data

Learn how to implement data collectors in Xperience by Kentico to gather all tracked personal data and connect identities to associated records like accounts, consent agreements, and activities.

Data erasers - Clear contact information from the site

Ensure compliance with data protection laws by using data erasers to delete visitors’ personal data from your site, as demonstrated in this guide for the Xperience by Kentico administration application.

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Activities and digital marketing

Activity tracking

Empower your development team with comprehensive guides on enhancing tracking capabilities in Xperience by Kentico, covering standard activity tracking, custom activity logging, consent-driven form displays, and cross-site tracking for seamless compliance and enhanced user experience.

Enable activity tracking

Learn how to enable standard activity tracking in Xperience by Kentico and control tracking scripts based on cookie levels.

Log custom activities

See how to extend your tracking capabilities with custom activities in Xperience—this logged with both client-side and server-side code.

Hide builder content from visitors who have not consented to tracking

Find out how to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues by displaying forms only to users who consent to tracking.

Implement cross-site activities

Discover how to implement visitor tracking across diverse platforms with Xperience’s Cross-site tracking feature that logs visitor activities from external sites.

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Set up multilingual

Explore the essentials of reaching a global audience by offering multilingual content with Xperience by Kentico’s localization support. Learn to navigate and manage URLs for multilingual pages while implementing a user-friendly language selector in this comprehensive guide.

Display your website content in multiple languages

Unlock a global audience by leveraging Xperience by Kentico’s localization and language variant features and empower editors to provide multilingual content for a more inclusive user experience.

Implement a language selector for your website

Implement a language selector control and help your visitors navigate and manage URLs for multilingual page.

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Customizations and integrations


Choose the right tools for your integration CONCEPT

Leverage the dynamic capabilities of .NET within Xperience by Kentico projects to seamlessly integrate with external services, optimizing code execution for specific Xperience scenarios—explore this guide for insights into the optimal entry points and integration strategies chosen for your project’s success.