Data protection

Data protection

Ensure your organization meets data privacy standards, such as GDPR, with Xperience Data Protection. See how you can manage personal data or customer consents, and handle customer data and removal requests.

Data protection overview CONCEPT

Discover how Xperience Data Protection helps you comply with regulations like GDPR by managing and safeguarding personal data within the Xperience application.

Find data Xperience collected about a contact TUTORIAL

Learn how to find data Xperience has collected about a contact to comply with Right to access customer requests.

Find contact’s consent agreements

See how to find the consents a customer has agreed with.

Send customer information about their data Xperience collected (Right to access) TUTORIAL

Discover how to help customers understand which personal and interaction data your company has collected and stored.

Delete contact data (Right to be forgotten) TUTORIAL

Find out how to comply when a customer requests that your company deletes their customer data.