Create newsletter confirmation and unsubscription emails

Create an email where your visitors can either confirm their subscription to or unsubscribe from a newsletter.

This sample shows how to crate a newsletter subscription and unsubscription emails. 

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Create the newsletter confirmation email

  1. Create New email:
    1. Name: Subscription confirmation.
    2. Codename: SubscriptionConfirmation.
    3. Email type: Form autoresponder.
    4. Template: Newsletter subscription autoresponder template.
  2. Content:
    1. Subject: Thank you for subscribing.
    2. Email content: Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. Please click the button below to confirm the subscription.
      Thank you.

Create the newsletter unsubscription email

  1. Create New email:
    1. Name: Unsubscription confirmation.
    2. Codename: UnsubscriptionConfirmation.
    3. Email type: Confirmation.
    4. Template: Confirmation template.
  2. Content:
    1. Subject: We’re sorry to see you go.
    2. Email content: You will no longer receive emails from our newsletter. If you miss us, you can subscribe again anytime.

Next step

The next guide shows you how to create newsletter confirmation and unsubscription pages.