Verify if contact tracking is enabled (advanced)

See if the contact tracking is enabled in the browser’s Developer tools.

  1. Visit your website in an incognito window.

  2. In the Incognito window, agree with any privacy policy consent that requests permission for “marketing” or “personalization”.

  3. Use Inspect (right-mouse button) to open your browser’s Developer tools.

  4. Use the developer tools to determine whether your browser cache contains Xperience’s CurrentContact and CMSCookieLevel cookies.

    1. In Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, etc.): Navigate to the Application tab and expand the Cookies option in the Storage section.
    2. In Firefox or Safari: Navigate to the Storage tab and expand the Cookies option.
  5. Select your website domain and check if your list of cookies includes CurrentContact and CMSCookieLevel cookies.

Browser’s Developer tools showing cookies

Next step

In the next chapter, learn about cross-site tracking.