Create a new landing page from a template

See how to create a page using a preset page template. We’ll use a campaign Landing page template as an example.

Your company wants you to prepare a new landing page to promote small personal loans. Use the Landing page template to create the page quickly. In this exercise, you’ll create a landing page from a template and fill in prepared widgets.

Prepare the landing page

  1. Go to the Kbank for personal channel.
  2. Select Campaign pages in the content tree and create a New page.
    1. Fill in the internal Name: Renovation loan.
    2. Pick the Content page content type and Continue.
  3. In the Preset section of page templates, choose the Landing page template:
    1. Add the SEO Title: Renovation loan.
    2. And SEO Page description: Learn more about the most competitive loan on the market. Get fixed monthly payments at a low rate.
    3. Save the changes.

Populate all the preset widgets with content in Page Builder tab

  1. Hero banner:
    1. Select the Configure widget to open the Hero banner properties.
    2. Select product page in the hero widget mode and Select hero content item:
      1. Select Hero bannerCreate new.
      2. Fill in the Content item name: Renovation loan and press Continue.
      3. Add the Header: Renovation loan.
      4. Add Subheader: Turn old to new or increase space. However you want to improve your house, you can do it with us.
      5. Media - Select existing: add the Home renovation - article image and confirm with Select.
      6. Publish the new hero item.
      7. Apply.
  2. Rich text widget:
    1. Paste the following text and style it with the Rich text editor:
      1. Heading 2: Advantages of the renovation loan.
      2. Unordered list:
        1. Secure the funds you need, no matter how small.
        2. Unlock tax benefits that come with this exceptional loan.
        3. Benefit from swifter processing compared to other loan options.
        4. Experience hassle-free availability with minimal required documents.
        5. Enjoy the flexibility of this loan available for various purposes.
  3. Image widget:
    1. Select the Configure widget to open the Image properties.
    2. Choose Content hub asset and Select existing:
      1. Pick the Man at computer image.
      2. Confirm your choice with Select file.
    3. Apply the changes to see the image.
  4. Benefit widget:
    1. Select the Configure widget to open the Benefit properties.
    2. Choose the Product page and Only dot options.
    3. Add page to select the product:
      1. Select LoanPersonal loan.
    4. Apply.
  5. Form section:
    1. Configure the existing Page heading widget:
      1. Choose Heading type: H3.
      2. Insert the Title: Let us know you are interested in the loan, and our representative will contact you within one business day.
      3. Apply to see the heading.
    2. Select the Configure widget to open the Form properties.
      1. Use the Select a form button. To simplify this exercise, choose the Contact Us Form.
      2. Add a message displayed after submission: Thank you, we’ll get back to you soon!
      3. Apply to save the change.

Save the page. You can see the final page in the Preview tab. If you are satisfied with what the page looks like, Publish the page.