Data protection


Dive into our series of guides to learn how to create custom pages in Xperience for mapping cookie levels to consents, build comprehensive cookie configuration pages with granular tiers, and design cookie banners for easy visitor consent. Gain the knowledge to ensure your Xperience application is compliant with data protection laws transparent in data processing.

Map consents to cookie levels

Learn how to create a custom page in Xperience to map custom cookie levels to consents, facilitating compliance with data protection laws and ensuring transparency in data processing consent agreements.

Create a cookie preferences widget

Discover how to create a comprehensive cookie configuration page with granular cookie tiers using widgets, helper classes, and custom controllers to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Build a tracking consent banner

Find out how to create a cookie banner that lets visitors easily consent to all tracking cookies without navigating to a separate cookie policy page.

Collectors & Erasers

Discover essential guides empowering developers with the know-how to navigate GDPR compliance effortlessly in Xperience by Kentico, covering everything from crafting identity collectors to implementing data collectors and data erasers for seamless data management and legal adherence.

Identity collectors - Gather contacts associated with a visitor

Unlock the process of creating an identity collector to ensure compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws, giving your visitors visibility and control over their personal data.

Data collectors - Find contact personal data

Learn how to implement data collectors in Xperience by Kentico to gather all tracked personal data and connect identities to associated records like accounts, consent agreements, and activities.

Data erasers - Clear contact information from the site

Ensure compliance with data protection laws by using data erasers to delete visitors’ personal data from your site, as demonstrated in this guide for the Xperience by Kentico administration application.

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