Provide meaningful help with your form

Learn about the tools you can use to guide your visitors through your form to ensure it’s easy to fill in.

Let’s add some hints to the form fields to make your forms more accessible and user-friendly.

  1. Go to the Forms application.

  2. Find the form you need to adjust.

  3. Adjust one or more of the field’s properties to ensure you guide your site’s visitors through the form:

    1. Set a Default value when it fits the majority of your visitors. The visitor can replace default values with their input. You can also fill in personalized default valuesdynamically with custom development.
    2. Use Explanation text to provide additional information vital for improving form experience. The Explanation text shows below the field.
    3. Add a brief Tooltip to provide additional context. The Tooltip appears when a visitor interacts with the form. It shouldn’t contain any vital information necessary for submitting the field.
    4. Consider if your fields need a Placeholder. Placeholder text is usually displayed in a lighter color in the field and disappears when a visitor interacts with the field.

Next step

Set up what happens after form submission.