Delete contact data (Right to be forgotten)

Follow the steps below to comply when a customer requests that your company deletes their customer data.

  1. Navigate to the Data protection application.
  2. Open the Right to be forgotten tab.
  3. Use your customer’s email address and insert it into the search box.
  4. The application lists all the data your company has collected about this customer.
  5. Use the Select data to delete button.
  6. Select which data you need to delete based on the customer’s request.
  7. Use Delete to remove your customer’s data.
  8. Notify the customer that you have complied with their request via email.

To test this scenario on the demo website, you need to first generate sample data for GDPR.

  1. Navigate to the ConfigurationSample data generator and use the Generate sample data button. You can then also imitate the contact’s behavior to get more realistic data.  Visit your sample website in an incognito window and:
  2. Agree with the tracking consent.
  3. Visit several pages using the navigation menu.
  4. Submit the form on the Contacts page.
  5. Optional: To test deleting membership:
    1. Use the user button in the top-right corner to register on the website.
    2. Supply any email and password, for example, test@demo.local and password as a member to test deleting the member object.
  6. Test the scenario with the email of the contact you have imitated previously or the following email: Name-20.Generated.Surname-20@localhost.local.

It’s common for developers to prepare a special page that allows your members to request getting this data automatically. Usually, this data is available within the member account profile or on the customer preference center. To learn what data the company has gathered about the user, they must sign into their profile and verify their request, e.g., via email.