Update an existing form

See how you can update a form or reuse an old unused one.

  1. Go to the Forms application.

  2. Open the form you want to change.

  3. To adjust the field’s properties, use the field’s Configure button. Ensure you guide your site’s visitors through the form and minimize friction. Assure that:

    1. The Label describes the purpose of the field (e.g., “First name”) and lets your visitors know what data they must provide.

    2. Required fields indicate these fields must contain a value to submit the online form. Use the Required checkbox in the field’s properties.

    3. The Name is a unique identifier of the form field. Add the field’s name when you create the form. Changing the name may break the form functionality if the original name is already used within a macro or the website’s code.

      • Do NOT change it if the form is already in use in your application.
  4. Make sure the Display name describes the purpose of the form. You will see the name in the forms list.

    1. Go to the General tab on the right side and change the name.

Do NOT change the Name if the form is already in use in your application.

Do NOT change the Codename if the form has already been published to the live site.

Next step

The next guide helps you to add a custom form field to the form.