Work with contacts

Work with contacts

Learn how to manage contacts and contact groups and where to see your contact’s customer journey.

Find a specific contact TUTORIAL

See how to find a specific contact in Xperience by Kentico in two quick steps.

Add the contact’s phone number and other details TUTORIAL

Learn how to add information to an existing contactor update contact’s details.

Learn about the contact’s customer journey HOW-TO

See the contact’s activities on your website and learn about their customer journey.

Find the contact’s consent agreements HOW-TO

Learn how you can see the contact’s consent agreements in three simple steps.

Contact groups overview CONCEPT

Learn what contact groups are and how you can use them to segment your audience.

Create a new contact group HOW-TO

See how to create a new group of contacts and how to work with contact group conditions.

Update existing contact group TUTORIAL

See how you can adjust an existing contact group to match new requirements.

Contact segmentation overview CONCEPT

Read about how you can segment your contacts in Xperience by Kentico and use the segments to deliver tailored messages, for example.

Segmenting anonymous contacts TUTORIAL

Learn how to group anonymous visitors and set conditions that exclude contacts who have already provided some information.