Create a new form

Learn how to create a new form from scratch and add the form fields, adjusting them to create smooth user experience.

  1. In the Forms application, select New form to open the Form builder.
  2. Use the (+) plus button in the middle of the form filed and add a field of your choice.
  3. Click the Configure button to adjust field’s properties:
    1. Label is the description shown before the field (e.g. “First name”). Adjust it as needed so your contacts know what data they are supposed to provide.
    2. Tick the Required checkbox if customers have to provide value to this field before they submit the online form.
    3. The Name is a unique identifier of the form field. Set the Name value only when you create the form and do not change it.
      1. Change the Name only when you create the form. If you change the name later, it might cause problems with the form’s functionality.
    4. Modify other field properties to give a hint or clarify any additional requirements:
      1. Default value is a pre-filled value in the field, the contact can follow with their input.
      2. Explanation text shows under the field in smaller font size and can be used as a more detailed description of the field.
      3. Tooltip will appear when a contact hovers their mouse over the field.
      4. Placeholder shows in the field as a text in a lighter color that disappears when your contact adds any value into the field.
  4. Similarly, add further fields you want to include into your online form.
  5. If necessary, reorder the fields within the form by dragging-and-dropping the components using the purple ribbon.
  6. Switch to the General tab and update your form’s Name.

Depending on your website implementation, you might also be able to group forms fields into sections to give the whole group of fields some pre-defined behavior. For example, you can add a title to your form section or show form fields distributed into two columns. To adjust the layout of your form, select Change section type on the field banner. To add a new form section, use the (+) plus button on the side.

Next step

The next guide shows you how to create a Contact us form.