Get familiar with the Xperience by Kentico API

The API examples documentation helps developers learn the basics of the Xperience by Kentico API and serves as a library of code snippets. The examples demonstrate how to use the API to manage the system’s objects, including basic operations (creating, retrieving, updating and deleting) and in some cases more advanced tasks.

The examples are organized into the following categories:


  • The API examples in the documentation do not include the required using statements for Xperience by Kentico API namespaces. As long as your project references the Xperience libraries (or contains the Kentico.Xperience.Libraries NuGet package), you can use Visual Studio Quick Actions to quickly Generate usings.

Internal namespaces

API contained in namespaces with the .Internal suffix is not intended for public use. Such API should be considered as unstable, and may be subject to breaking changes during any update (even outside of major releases).