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Dependency injection

Initialize required services

// Initializes all services and provider classes used within
// the API examples on this page using dependency injection.
private readonly ISettingsService settingsService;
private readonly IInfoProvider<SettingsKeyInfo> settingsKeyInfoProvider;
private readonly IConfiguration configuration;
private readonly IConversionService conversionService;

public SettingsServices(ISettingsService settingsService,
                IInfoProvider<SettingsKeyInfo> settingsKeyInfoProvider,
                IConfiguration configuration,
                IConversionService conversionService)
    this.settingsService = settingsService;
    this.settingsKeyInfoProvider = settingsKeyInfoProvider;
    this.configuration = configuration;
    this.conversionService = conversionService;

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Get the values of database settings

// Note: Find the code names of individual settings keys in the CMS_SettingsKey table

// Gets the value of the "Asset allowed extensions" setting
string assetAllowedExtensions = settingsService["CMSMediaFileAllowedExtensions"];

// Gets the value of the "Enable Continuous Integration" setting
bool continuousIntegrationEnabled = conversionService.GetBoolean(settingsService["CMSEnableCI"], false);

// Gets the value of the "Event log size" setting for the current site
int eventLogSize = conversionService.GetInteger(settingsService["CMSLogSize"], 60);

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Get the values of application settings

// Gets the value of the "CMSApplicationName" key from a configuration provider (e.g., appsettings.json)
string applicationSetting = configuration["CMSApplicationName"];

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Set the values of settings

// Adds additional extensions to the list of allowed extensions
SettingsKeyInfo allowedExtensionsSettingsKey = settingsKeyInfoProvider.Get("CMSMediaFileAllowedExtensions");
allowedExtensionsSettingsKey.KeyValue += ";tiff";

// Disables the Continuous Integration feature
SettingsKeyInfo ciSettingsKey = settingsKeyInfoProvider.Get("CMSEnableCI");
ciSettingsKey.KeyValue = "False";

// Sets the maximum event log size to 30
SettingsKeyInfo logSizeSettingsKey = settingsKeyInfoProvider.Get("CMSLogSize");
logSizeSettingsKey.KeyValue = 30.ToString();

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