Contact groups

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Dependency injection

Initialize required services

// Initializes all services and provider classes used within
// the API examples on this page using dependency injection.
private readonly IInfoProvider<ContactInfo> contactInfoProvider;
private readonly IInfoProvider<ContactGroupInfo> contactGroupInfoProvider;
private readonly IInfoProvider<ContactGroupMemberInfo> contactGroupMemberInfoProvider;

public ContactGroupsServices(IInfoProvider<ContactInfo> contactInfoProvider,
                     IInfoProvider<ContactGroupInfo> contactGroupInfoProvider,
                     IInfoProvider<ContactGroupMemberInfo> contactGroupMemberInfoProvider)
    this.contactInfoProvider = contactInfoProvider;
    this.contactGroupInfoProvider = contactGroupInfoProvider;
    this.contactGroupMemberInfoProvider = contactGroupMemberInfoProvider;

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Create contact groups

// Creates a new contact group object
ContactGroupInfo newGroup = new ContactGroupInfo()
    ContactGroupDisplayName = "New group",
    ContactGroupName = "NewGroup",
    ContactGroupEnabled = true,
    ContactGroupDynamicCondition = "{%Rule(\"(Contact.AgreedWithConsent(\"form\"))\"," +
    " \"<rules><r pos=\"0\" par=\"\" op=\"and\" /><r pos=\"0\" par=\"0\" op=\"and\" n=\"CMSContactHasAgreedWithConsent\" >" +
    "<p n=\"_perfectum\"><t>has</t><v></v><r>0</r><d>select operation</d><vt>text</vt><tv>0</tv></p><p n=\"consent\">" +
    "<t>#select consent</t><v>form</v><r>0</r><d>select consent</d><vt>text</vt><tv>0</tv></p></r></rules>\") %}"

// Saves the contact group to the database

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Update contact groups

// Gets the contact group
ContactGroupInfo updateGroup = contactGroupInfoProvider.Get("NewGroup");

if (updateGroup != null)
    // Updates the contact group's properties
    updateGroup.ContactGroupDisplayName = updateGroup.ContactGroupDisplayName.ToLowerInvariant();

    // Saves the modified contact group to the database

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Update multiple contact groups

// Gets all contact groups whose name starts with 'New'
var groups = contactGroupInfoProvider.Get().WhereStartsWith("ContactGroupName", "New");

// Loops through individual contact groups
foreach (ContactGroupInfo group in groups)
    // Updates the contact group properties
    group.ContactGroupDisplayName = group.ContactGroupDisplayName.ToUpper();

    // Saves the modified contact group to the database

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Delete contact groups

// Gets the contact group
ContactGroupInfo deleteGroup = contactGroupInfoProvider.Get("NewGroup");

if (deleteGroup != null)
    // Deletes the contact group

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