Work with forms

Work with forms

See how to work with forms, adjust their fields, and make them user-friendly for website visitors to improve their user experience.

Forms application overview CONCEPT

Read about how you can use forms in Xperience by Kentico to collect visitor data.

Create a new form HOW-TO

Learn how to create a new form from scratch, add form fields, and adjust them to create a smooth user experience.

Create a Contact us form TUTORIAL

Create a simple yet specific Contact us form with a short “Thank you message.”

Change a form’s name TUTORIAL

Learn how to adjust a form’s name to follow your own naming conventions.

Update an existing form HOW-TO

See how you can update a form or reuse an old unused one.

Add a custom form field to the form TUTORIAL

Learn how you can create customized field to collect business-specific data through your form.

Move or delete a form field HOW-TO

See how you can further adjust your form by moving or removing its fields.

Provide meaningful help with your form HOW-TO

Learn about the tools you can use to guide your visitors through your form to ensure it’s easy to fill in.

Set what happens after form submission HOW-TO

Set up an automated response after a visitor submits your online form.

Adjust the form’s Thank you message TUTORIAL

Set up a special “Thank you” message that your visitors see after submitting a form.