Uninstall Xperience by Kentico components

The Xperience installation process installs several NuGet packages and .NET CLI tools on your machine. See the following sections to learn how to uninstall each component:

Xperience project templates

The NuGet package with Xperience project templates can be uninstalled via the following .NET CLI command (depending on the .NET SDK version installed on your machine):

.NET 7 SDK and newer

dotnet new uninstall Kentico.Xperience.Templates


dotnet new -u Kentico.Xperience.Templates

This removes the Xperience templates from the system, and they no longer appear in the list offered by the dotnet new command.

Xperience project database manager

Uninstall the database manager tool by calling the following command from your project’s directory:

dotnet tool uninstall Kentico.Xperience.DbManager

The database manager is installed locally within each project created via the provided templates. If you’re removing the entire project, there’s no need to uninstall this component separately. 

Projects created from templates

The provided project templates create standard ASP.NET Core Web App project files. To remove individual web applications, simply delete the folder containing the project. The installation process doesn’t modify any configuration on the hosting machine.