Extend the administration interface

Learn how to extend various parts of the Xperience administration with custom functionality, additional components and features for content editors, and more.

Integrate custom code

Learn best practices for adding customizations (classes, class libraries) to Xperience projects.

Run code on application startup

Xperience customization scenarios sometimes require you to call specific system API during application startup to achieve the desired system behavior. This section provides best practices for running startup code in Xperience applications.

Object types

Object types control the behavior of database entities managed by the system. Learn how to define custom object types and how to configure them to leverage various system features, such as CI/CD.

Email customization

Xperience allows developers to customize the system’s email sending functionality or completely replace it.

  • By implementing a custom email client, you can integrate with any custom or third‑party service for sending emails.
  • For projects with advanced custom email requirements, you can fully bypass and replace the default Xperience functionality.