Application UI page template

The application page serves as an entry point for admin UI applications. All root pages must inherit from the ApplicationPage base class. The page acts as a regular UI page, with one exception. When accessed, it automatically redirects to its first child page (as specified by the order property in child page registrations).

Creating an application page

using Kentico.Xperience.Admin.Base;

public class UsersApplication : ApplicationPage

Register application pages

Application pages serve as root pages for admin UI applications. For this reason, they are intended for use together with the SECTION_LAYOUT client template to provide a navigation menu for application pages.

Register application pages using the UIApplication assembly attribute.

Example application registration

using Kentico.Xperience.Admin.Base;
using Kentico.Xperience.Admin.Base.UIPages;

[assembly: UIApplication(
    identifier: UsersApplication.IDENTIFIER, 
    type: typeof(UsersApplication), 
    slug: "users", 
    name: "Users", 
    category: BaseApplicationCategories.DEVELOPMENT, 
    icon: Icons.RectangleParagraph, 
    templateName: TemplateNames.SECTION_LAYOUT)]