System overview

Xperience provides information about the application and environment running the website and its administration.

To view system information, open the System application in Xperience and select Overview.

System overview in the Xperience administration

System information

Machine name

The name of the server machine on which the system is running.


The time for which the application has been running and available, since the last restart.

Server time

The current time on the server machine.

Database information

Database name

The name of the system database.

Server version

The SQL Server version installed on the database server.

Database size

The current size of the database, including the current data (the .mdf file) and the database log (the .ldf file).

Server name

The name of the database server on which the system’s database is running.

Memory statistics

Allocated memory

The size of the memory allocated for the system.

Process physical memory

Physical memory used by the application’s process.

Process virtual memory

Memory allocated by the process in the virtual memory space.

Restart the application

You can restart the application by selecting the buttons in the System information section:

  • Restart application– sends a request to restart the Xperience application. The application shuts down and starts up again if the hosting environment supports automatic application start. If not, the application remains stopped and inaccessible until it is manually launched.
  • Restart all web farm servers – sends a restart request to all available web farm servers.

Clear the application cache

Select Clear cache in the Memory statistics section to remove all cached content from the application’s memory (server-side cache).