Reference - Default Page Builder widgets

The following page lists all widgets available for the Page Builder out-of-the-box. You may not see all of the default system widgets for some pages, depending on the editable area limitations in your project.

Component identifiers

The identifiers of system components are available in the SystemComponentIdentifiers class (in the Kentico.Content.Web.Mvc namespace). For example, use SystemComponentIdentifiers.RICH_TEXT_WIDGET_IDENTIFIER for the identifier of the Rich text widget.

These identifiers are required when decorating existing widgets with custom functionality. See Extend widgets.

Widget name





  • SelectedForm – an IEnumerable<ObjectRelatedItem> collection containing the code name of the selected form.
  • AfterSubmitMode – the action performed after a user submits the form. Set one of the options available in FormAfterSubmitModeConstants.
  • AfterSubmitDisplayText
  • AfterSubmitRedirectToUrl
  • AfterSubmitRedirectToWebPage

Allows users to display a form on the website.

Rich text


  • Content – a string property that contains the formatted rich text.

Allows users to input rich text content via a toolbar with standard word processor features. You can change the default set of toolbar options available to content editors via custom toolbar configurations.