Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) enable Xperience projects to work in an automated software development and deployment flow.

Both features serialize the data of objects from the database into XML files within a repository on the file system. These repositories can then be restored or deployed into an Xperience database.

Continuous Integration

With CI enabled, the system tracks changes made to database objects, and automatically transfers them to each developer’s local repository. Developers add the CI repository to a source control system (for example Azure DevOps or Git) together with their other code and project files. The repository is then used to synchronize database data between team members.

Continuous Deployment

Developers prepare new projects or updates for existing ones within a dedicated development environment. Once the project is ready to be published, data from the development database is stored into a CD repository, which is then deployed to another Xperience instance in a staging, UAT or production environment.