Website development basics

Learn all you need to know about configuring a development environment and getting newly installed Xperience projects up and running. Get an overview of the most important Xperience features.

Model and retrieve content

Acquaint yourself with the structure of data in Xperience. Learn how pages and files are organized, and what role content types and media libraries serve in the system.

Page Builder

Build reusable widget components, which allow editors to compose pages using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Form Builder

Create form components that provide an interface for user input within forms on the website. Control form layouts using configurable form sections.

Improve user experience and the quality of collected data by implementing validation rules and visibility conditions that can be assigned to form fields. 

Registration and authentication

Enable visitors to register on your website, which allows you to secure content behind authentication.


Set up routing using the system’s content tree-based routing feature, which automatically generates URLs for pages based on their location in the content tree. Mix in native ASP.NET Core routing for pages that don’t need to be represented using page objects in the system.


Implement caching for frequently requested data to increase the efficiency and responsivity of your sites.