Deploy to the SaaS environment

Xperience by Kentico offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment that allows you to deploy, host, and maintain Xperience websites. You can install projects based on templates – a starting point for evaluating and developing Xperience websites, along with supporting tools and configuration for deploying the site to the SaaS environment.

Deploy to self-managed hosting

Xperience by Kentico supports traditional self-managed hosting options. You can run Xperience on dedicated or virtual servers, or manage your hosting on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Continuous Deployment

The Continuous Deployment feature enables you to use Xperience projects in automated development and deployment flows. Convert website content and other objects from the database into XML files in a repository on the file system, and then restore the repository to the database in a target deployment environment (staging, UAT, production, etc.).