First steps

Take the first steps to master Xperience by Kentico. These guides will teach you how to install specific version of Xperience, which you will use to code along, create a reusable content type and design page templates to display structured content.

Dive in to build a strong foundation and enhance your skills step-by-step.

From installing to first content presentation

Explore our series of guides to master Xperience by Kentico: learn how to install specific versions using .NET CLI, create and manage reusable content types for consistent multi-channel content, and design page templates for structured content display.

Install a specific version of Xperience by Kentico

Learn how to install a specific version of Xperience by Kentico using the .NET CLI, especially useful for aligning with your company’s existing version or approval processes.

Create a reusable content type

Discover how to create and manage reusable content types in Xperience by Kentico that ensure content consistency across multiple channels like web sites, emails, and other applications.

Display structured content with page templates

See how you can create page templates to display content stored in a structured format in Xperience by Kentico.

What’s next?

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