Creating a new website using the New site wizard (ASPX)

The following pages assume that you have previously installed the sample Corporate Site (running on the localhost domain). Leave the existing website and add a new site running under the domain.

Multiple sites and Visual Studio’s built-in web server

If you are using the built-in web server in Visual Studio instead of IIS, you need to Stop () the Corporate Site site in the Sites application. The built-in web server doesn’t support any domain other than localhost, so you need to use the localhost domain again for the new site. 

  1. Log in to the Kentico administration interface as administrator and open the Sites application.

  2. Click New site wizard.

Starting the New site wizard in the Sites application

The New site wizard opens.

  1. Select Create a new site using a wizard and click Next.

  2. Enter the following details for the website:

  • Site display name: My website
  • Site code name: mysite
  • Domain name: (if you are using Visual Studio built-in web server, set the Domain name value to localhost)
  • Site culture: English - United States (the default culture determines how the website displays date, time and numeric values based on the different culture-specific format)

Click Next.

  1. The third step of the wizard allows you to select which objects the system imports into the new site. Do not change anything and click Next.

The fourth step displays the progress of the object import.

  1. Choose a master page template for the website. You can change it later at any time. For now, select the Blank master page.

Selecting a master page in the New site wizard

Click Next. This concludes the initial process of creating the website.

  1. Click Edit your new website.

The system opens a new tab with the Kentico administration interface using the domain. You need to sign in again (user name administrator, blank password) since authentication is not shared over different domains by default.