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On this page, you can find an overview of resources for marketers that can help you go from zero to hero and ensure you stay on top of your marketing projects with Xperience.

No matter if you’re new to digital marketing, or you’re a battle-tested veteran-marketer, gaining information about the systems you work with, learning about best practices and testing out different scenarios is a proven way to many marketing triumphs.

Find inspiration in a collection of Xperience training courses, videos, documentation, ebooks, whitepapers, and achieve your marketing goals.

Tutorials and courses

Are you starting with managing content or running campaigns on a new Xperience website? Xperience training courses for marketers and editors and other resources like our documentation or tutorial will help you quickly get on board with Xperience features and capabilities. And if you are not sure about the typical learning path for new Xperience users, you can check out the flow of our training courses and other training materials.

Xperience business tutorial

A hands-on, step-by-step guide that helps editors with no previous knowledge of Xperience. You’ll learn how to edit pages or work with page attachments on Xperience MVC websites while working with a hosted Dancing Goat MVC sample site.

Xperience for marketers and editors

This e-learning course teaches content administrators and marketers who are new to Xperience and digital marketing. You’ll learn how to maintain content on the website, set up campaigns, run your email marketing activities, and handle most other common digital marketing tasks.

What if I need help?

After completing our business courses, you should be ready to work with the content of your website and carry out marketing activities with Xperience on your own.

If you need a quick check on how to work with Xperience features, the documentation is just a mouse-click away. You can always contact our Support team. And if you run into any difficulties with your website implementation, our experienced marketing consultants are here to help you.

Marketer certification

The certification verifies your skill in working with Xperience, your knowledge of digital marketing practices, and helps you become an internationally recognized Xperience Certified Marketer. The online exam tests advanced knowledge and skills of running marketing activities in Xperience – further Xperience experience beyond the training course content is necessary.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation helps you automate, optimize, and analyze your campaigns and nurture your leads through their buyer’s journey and help your customers with personalized guidance and care. 

Find out more about marketing automation in the Xperience documentation.

What is marketing automation and why use it?

What is marketing automation, and how do I use it?

(2015) Watch a seven-minute video that explains the basics of marketing automation, and shows you how to create these processes in the Xperience Marketing automation application.

Get started with marketing automation

Quickly get on-board and discover the benefits of marketing automation in a short quick-start guide.

Working with Marketing automation

Download prepared marketing automation

Stop puzzling over automated processes in your Xperience application. Don’t waste time creating different processes yourself from scratch. Download the processes we prepared, upload them into your Kentico Xperience application, and quickly adjust them so they fit your needs.

Xperience Marketing Automation for Event marketing

Dive into a 16-page guide and discover how you can automate the whole communication around an event – sending email invitations, segmenting the attendees, and keeping in touch with those who attended.

Xperience Hosted trial marketing automation explained

(2015) The Xperience marketing team shares lessons learned from redesigning the process they use to qualify leads. Read a detailed two-post series about automation which gets triggered when somebody submits the Hosted trial request on the Xperience website.

Part 1Part 2

Design a process that automates sending of newsletters

(2020) Explore an automation process that adapts newsletter mailouts to customers’ needs – and doesn’t spam them over weekends.

Take your newsletter automation to the next level

(2020) Discover how a simple custom macro helps you send out a current newsletter issue to a new subscriber, even when you have already sent your newsletter blast. 

Combine scoring and marketing automation

(2018) Once you start scoring the activities visitors perform on your website, it’s time to make use of the data. This blog post shows you how to leverage marketing automation and notify the sales team once a contact reaches a specific score.

5 workflows to nurture your customers with marketing automation

(2018) Did you plan to ask your customers for a review? Or provide them additional hints and tips? Learn how to set up five useful marketing automation workflows on your website and start nurturing your website visitors in a short blog post.

10 real-life examples of marketing automation

(2013) Get inspired by real-life marketing automation scenarios you can create on your website. This older, but great blog post is packed with tips you can use to make your leads more sales-ready, increase your sales, or improve customer satisfaction.

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Contacts and contact segmentation

Xperience contact management provides an overview of all contacts who visit your websites. Use the collected contact’s data and track campaign results, analyze client behavior, optimize content, identify potential buyers, and perform other marketing‑related actions.

Find out more about contacts and the Contact management application in the Xperience documentation.

What are contacts and contact segmentation and why use them?

What is contact management, and how do I use it?

(2015) Learn the basics of contact management and how it can deliver the best user experience for your visitors in a five minute video.

How to encourage visitors to share actionable data with you

(2019) Many internet users are getting secretive about their online behavior and it’s hard to personalize their experience. Read a blog post and see how you can motivate your customers to share their personal data.

Segmentation quick start guide

Segmentation is the marketing practice of dividing your customer base into similar groups you can target with optimized offers and incentives. This 5-page starter guide will help you quickly get on board.

How to win back customers with six proven methods

(2020) See how you can bring back your customers with personalized deals, discount coupons, and other benefits and learn how to set it up in Xperience.

Thoughts on Implementing Online Marketing

(2016) Are you starting with contact segmentation? Don’t overdo it and begin with small iterations. And then remember to check out other online marketing-related insights in this short post.

What is lead scoring, and how do I use it?

(2015) Learn what lead scoring is, and how you can put it into practice in this four-minute video.

Lead scoring quick start guide

The lead scoring process helps identify in which step of the buyer’s journey your leads currently are. Read a short introduction to this valuable B2B marketing tactic.

Does my company need lead scoring?

(2013) Before you dive into setting up a complex scoring process, are you sure your company actually needs it? This short blog post gives you a set of questions to find out.

Personas - are they the right choice for your business?

(2017) Personas are customer segments that you target with your marketing messages. But what if the traditional concept of personas doesn’t fit your business? Find out how Xperience uses user personas in this blog post.

How do I create a persona and where should I start?

(2017) Find out what you should consider before you start defining your user personas.

Working with contacts and applying contact segmentation

Contact management in Xperience documentation

Contacts represent website visitors and store their properties, such as contact roles, their statuses, division into accounts with specific account statuses. Find out more about Xperience features in the documentation.

Segmenting contacts into contact groups

Through segmentation, you can divide your site visitors and users into groups with shared characteristics. Learn about contact groups which help you accurately target your digital marketing efforts.

Scoring contacts

Ready to start with scoring your leads? Learn about the Xperience scoring application in the Xperience documentation.

Xperience Lead Scoring

See how you can create scoring criteria and work with a score threshold to effectively classify your leads. You will also find a list of the most frequent rules Xperience customers use on their websites.


Buyer personas are fictional representations of your typical customers that can help you fit your marketing messages. Find out in the Xperience documentation how you can leverage personas using the data about your visitors and their behavior on your website.

Working with Xperience contacts in third-party systems

(2018) Contact management in Xperience is highly customizable. Learn how you can integrate sync contact information into third-party systems.

Lead scoring step by step

(2017) Are you starting with lead scoring? Check out what steps you should take to set up a good and functional lead scoring system.

Setting up lead scoring in Xperience

(2017) It takes only four steps to set up a scoring process on your website. This blog post article will show you how you can do it.

How Xperience scores your visits to the website?

(2013) The success of implementing lead scoring on your website lies in setting up and fine tuning the scoring rules. Get inspired by Xperience Engagement score.

The 5 most common lead scoring mistakes

(2013) Each lead scoring implementation is unique and depends on many variables. Yet all are prone to mistakes and omissions. Learn about the five most common scoring errors to avoid.

How we built our persona step by step

(2017) Find out how the Xperience UX team created personas and what challenges they tackled along the way. 

Meet Caitlyn, the user persona behind the Campaigns application

(2017) Look behind the scenes and find out how the Xperience UX team defined the user persona for digital marketing in Xperience.

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Online marketing campaigns bring traffic to your website and help promote your brand or products.

Find out more about the Campaigns application in the Xperience documentation.

Campaigns quick start guide

Get on board with how you can create campaigns in Xperience and start promoting your product or services in no time.

Working with Campaigns

5 ways to optimize your digital campaigns

(2017) Even a little touch up of your campaigns’ workflow can boost up their performance. Learn about common measures you can take to improve their ROI in this Xperience whitepaper.

Be a hero - save time with Xperience campaigns

(2017) The silver bullet for a successful career in the ever-changing marketing world is to stay in control and maximize gains from the tools you already have. Find out how Xperience helps you keep everything related to a campaign in one place.

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Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics to promote your business and products or keep in touch with existing contacts.

Find out more about the Email marketing application in the Xperience documentation.

What is email marketing and why use it?

What is email marketing and how do you use it

(2015) Watch this six minute video and find out how email marketing can help you improve your business.

Email marketing for success

Read this practical guide to growing your customer base, nurturing leads, and building trust throughout the purchase process using email communication.

Working with Email marketing

Using images in emails

(2020) Images are great for captivating your readers’ attention. Read this short blog post options you have when it comes to emails and images, grab the three attached email widgets and step up your email marketing.

Xperience’s email builder

Building emails doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Read about Xperience’s email builder and see how you can quickly drag-and-drop widgets to build your emails in no time.

Part 1 , Part 2

Low email open rates? What’s the deal?

(2019) Do you feel you have done the maximum for your emails and they are still not performing well? Read this blog post about four no-so-well-known mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.

How to use subscriber macros in email marketing

(2017) In addition to providing an easy way of creating emails, Xperience’s email builder comes with advanced editing features out-of-the-box. One of them is using macros which will help you leverage all the collected customer data to improve your email’s performance.

Increasing conversions through email campaign retargeting

(2017) Nobody wants to read boring, irrelevant emails. Find out how you can combine emails with the data about your customers and turn your email marketing into a well-oiled retargeting machine.

When editing scheduled emails gets complicated

(2020) Have you scheduled an email – and found out you need to change something? Read this short post and find out how you can adjust your emails even after they’ve been scheduled for sending.

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Content optimization

Content optimization is a set of methods you can use to improve the performance of your messages on the website or in your emails.

Read more about the most common optimization technique called A/B testing in the Xperience documentation.

What is content optimization and why use it?

What is A/B testing and how do I use it?

(2015) Learn everything you need to know about A/B testing, multivariate testing, and page optimization, as well as how to use it to create content that resonates with your customers in this five-minute video.

What Is A/B Testing and Why Should You Do It?

(2017) Stop making assumptions and use data to improve your conversion rate. Learn how to start with A/B testing on your website in this short blog post.

Optimizing website content

A/B testing marketing emails

Running tests on your content isn’t limited to only your website’s pages. Read how you can optimize the content of your marketing emails using the built-in A/B testing feature.

What A/B test you should be doing and how

(2019) There are hundreds of things you can test on your website. Don’t feel lost and check out this blog post that collects a list of A/B tests you can start with to maximize impact.

Improve campaign emails

(2020) See how a little optimization of an email preheader validated by an A/B test can improve your marketing emails.

Increasing newsletter open rate by choosing the right subject

(2017) The email subject plays a huge role in every sent email. See how you can create an email A/B test to optimize it.

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Content personalization

Personalization is a digital marketing tactic that allows you to display different content on pages based on the situation in which they are viewed.

Find out more about content personalization in the Xperience documentation.

What is content personalization and why use it?

What is content personalization, and how do I use it?

(2015) A six-minute video that gives you everything you ever wanted to know about content personalization. Find out how personalization helps improve your website visitors’ experience by delivering the right content to the right audience. 

Remarkable customer experience

(2018) Demand for individually crafted experiences is on the rise. Find the pathways to effective content personalization to address your customers needs and desires.

The real reason why customers are frustrated with predictive personalization

(2019) Data-driven content personalization has been around for some time. If you are still missing out, read this data-packed blog post about how effective this marketing tactic is.

How dynamic real-time personalization on web pages works

(2019) Read this short article and learn how to provide pages tailored specifically to your customer’s interest and desires, boost impulse buys, and also increase brand loyalty.

Why customers are hooked on personalized experiences

(2019) People crave personalized experiences. Find out the real reasons that make your offers and proposals irresistible.

Personalizing website content

Content personalization via MVC widgets

(2018) Widgets help you create unlimited variants of a page. Read about the condition types and situations you can use to tailor your website’s content based to fit your defined user scenarios.

How we over personalized automated newsletters in Xperience

(2017) Personalization isn’t the ultimate answer to a successful marketing campaign. Check out this how-not-to-do-personalization story from our marketing team about their failure with Xperience newsletters.

How content personalization helps with cross-selling

(2017) Are you selling stuff on your website? Find out how you can personalize the website based on the products your customers have bought.

Real-world content personalization scenarios

(2017) Are you starting off with content personalization? Get inspired by real-world scenarios and check out the macro conditions you can use to set them up in Xperience.

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Data protection regulations

There’s the GDPR, ePrivacy, and tracking cookies. There are also many other things and you need to comply with all of them.

Read more about Xperience data protection features in the documentation.

What is data protection and why use it?

GDPR quick start guide

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect in May 2018. Learn the absolute essentials about the uniformed approach to data protection in EU.

GDPR, your CMS and you

(2018) Are you new to doing business within the EU? Read a collection of blog posts in an ebook format that Xperience published about the topic of GDPR.

GDPR compliance and your CMS

(2018) Find out about how a GDPR–ready CMS helps with GDPR compliance and contributes to better marketing outcomes.

GDPR challenge for content management

(2018) Learn about the most important concepts and provisions of GDPR and see how they influence contact management and your digital marketing activities.

What you should know about the CCPA

While GDPR grants consumers the rights to object to direct marketing and restricts the processing of their data, the CCPA provides consumers with the right to object to the sale of their data. Read a short blog post that introduces CCPA, the new kid on the consumer data protection block.

European ePrivacy Regulation - the GDPR’s forgotten sibling

(2018) The ePrivacy Regulation works in tandem with the GDPR. Read more about its implications in a short blog post.

Xperience and GDPR

(2018) See an overview of features Xperience provides to help you keep your marketing activities compliant with all the different e-privacy laws.

Anti-spam law, opt-ins, and opt-outs

(2017) Wondering when sending emails is OK – and when it can get you in trouble? Read this two-part article and learn about some of the most common questions we hear from our customers regarding international email laws.

Part 1 , Part 2

Working with Data protection

GDPR and existing contacts in Email marketing

(2018) Learn how you can create consent-based contact groups and build a fool-proof method of sending marketing emails.

Email marketing for contacts that haven’t agreed with website tracking

(2018) From the marketing perspective, tracking a user on the website and gaining their consent to receive marketing materials are two different agreements. Learn how you can email subscribers, who haven’t agreed with your website tracking consent but agreed with receiving marketing emails.

Building consents and privacy notices

(2018) Check out how different vendors use and word their consent agreements – and learn how you can create your own in the Xperience Data protection application.

Master GDPR macros in Xperience

(2018) Macro expressions can help you with many interesting scenarios because they dynamically resolve values based on the given circumstances and conditions. Learn how you can use macros to display a short or long variant of the consent agreement and about other macro expressions for your marketing scenarios.

GDPR/ePrivacy: How it affects individuals, countries, and businesses

(2019) Read about the two EU largest data-privacy regulations and all the situations in electronic communication they defined.

Solving the organizational and integration challenges of privacy regulations

(2019) Learn about the data privacy topics outside of consent, data collection, or data erasure, that a Xperience professional needs to be prepared to address.

Earning trust in a Post GDPR world

(2019) Everyone who provides services online is now legally obliged to inform their customers (and gain their consent) about how their data is used. See the list of things you can do to earn back your readers trust.

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Managing website content

Good content on your website is one of the keys to marketing success. See the resources below to find out more about Xperience features for managing content.

What is website content and why manage it?

Your secret guide to reader-first, eye-catching blog

(2017) Want to cover your company’s stories in writing? Check out this three-post series to get you started with writing awesome content.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Improve your existing content to boost traffic

(2017) Learn about a two-step process to analyze your existing content and find opportunities that can bring you higher traffic, improve your conversion rate, and boost your ROI.

5 underestimated online lead generation channels

(2018) See where you can find the underdogs of lead generation channels that will help you make significant differences in your search for new leads without having to fight off swarms of competitors.


(2018) Happy customers have the potential to be your brand’s biggest cheerleaders. Read this short blog post that will help you ensure you are doing your part to let their voices be heard by leveraging reviews.

Increase organic traffic to your site with the Moving man method

(2019) The Moving man method is a technique to bring quality backlinks from relevant website. Read a short post about the three steps you can take to increase your website’s authority for search engines.

Managing website content

Read Xperience documentation and find out how to work with:

One digital agency’s practical approach to AI for customer engagement

(2018) Artificial Intelligence is now being used as a major component in creating exceptional customer experiences. Find out from Xperience partner Reading Room what benefits AI early adopters have and how technology can support an omnichannel strategy.

Part 1, Part 2

How to create beautiful landing pages with Xperience page builder

(2019) Page Builder comes packed with exciting features. And it’s easy to use. Read on how you can create landing pages by simply dragging and dropping widgets into your editor window.


Forms help you to gather structured data from your site’s visitors. Learn how to work with forms in the Xperience documentation.

Gather more data with Smart forms

(2019) Collecting data from your website visitors is always a challenge. Find out how you can leverage Xperience Smart Forms and gather data gradually without overwhelming your website users.

Digital assistants and the death of SEO

(2018) Search and other online services are moving into a new era where users activate them by voice. Find out how you can prepare for the future and leverage digital assistants in your online business.

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