Working with the generated page type classes

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To use the generated wrapper classes of your page types (e.g., Home.generated.cs and HomeProvider.generated.cs) in the development of your tutorial website, you need to copy them from the Xperience project to your MEDIOClinic application. 

  1. Locate the classes you have generated in your Xperience project files.

    By default, the classes are stored in the ~\CMS\Old_App_Code\CMSClasses\Pages\MEDIO folder, which translates into, e.g., C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Xperience13\CMS\Old_App_Code\CMSClasses\Pages\MEDIO on the file system.

  2. Open your MEDIOClinic project folder in, e.g., Windows Explorer, and create a new Generated folder under your Models folder, e.g., C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Xperience13\MEDIOClinic\Models\Generated.

  3. Copy the classes that represent your page types to the Generated folder.

  4. Open the MEDIOClinicsolution in Visual Studio andselect the MEDIOClinic project.

  5. Click the Show all files button to see the files you have copied in the solution.

  6. Select the Models/Generated folder, right-click to open the context menu, and select Include In Project.
    Including external files

  7. Rebuild your solution.

You have added the classes generated for your page types to the MEDIOClinic application. They will allow you to retrieve the page content from the database and design its presentation on the live site.

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