Web templates

List of examples:

Creating a web template

// Creates a new web template object
WebTemplateInfo newTemplate = new WebTemplateInfo();

// Sets the web template properties
newTemplate.WebTemplateDisplayName = "New site template";
newTemplate.WebTemplateName = "NewSiteTemplate";
newTemplate.WebTemplateDescription = "This is web template created through the Kentico API.";
newTemplate.WebTemplateFileName = "~\\App_Data\\Templates\\NewSiteTemplate";
newTemplate.WebTemplateLicenses = "X";

// Sets the web template order (places the new web template at the end of the list of all templates)
InfoDataSet<WebTemplateInfo> webTemplates = WebTemplateInfoProvider.GetWebTemplates(null, null, 0, "WebTemplateID", false);
newTemplate.WebTemplateOrder = webTemplates.Items.Count + 1;            

// Saves the web template to the database

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Updating a web template

// Gets the web template
WebTemplateInfo updateTemplate = WebTemplateInfoProvider.GetWebTemplateInfo("NewSiteTemplate");
if (updateTemplate != null)
    // Updates the web template properties
    updateTemplate.WebTemplateDisplayName = updateTemplate.WebTemplateDisplayName.ToLower();

    // Moves the template down in the list of all templates

    // Moves the template up in the list of all templates

    // Saves the template changes to the database

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Updating multiple web templates

// Prepares a where condition for loading all web templates whose name starts with 'New'
string where = "WebTemplateName LIKE N'New%'";

// Gets all web templates that fulfill the condition
InfoDataSet<WebTemplateInfo> templates = WebTemplateInfoProvider.GetWebTemplates(where, null);

// Loops through individual web templates
foreach (WebTemplateInfo template in templates)
    // Updates the template properties
    template.WebTemplateDisplayName = template.WebTemplateDisplayName.ToUpper();

    // Saves the changes to the database

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Deleting a web template

// Gets the web template
WebTemplateInfo deleteTemplate = WebTemplateInfoProvider.GetWebTemplateInfo("NewSiteTemplate");

if (deleteTemplate != null)
    // Deletes the web template

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