Form controls

List of examples:

Creating a new form control

// Creates a new form control object
FormUserControlInfo newControl = new FormUserControlInfo();

// Sets the form control properties
newControl.UserControlDisplayName = "New control";
newControl.UserControlCodeName = "NewControl";
newControl.UserControlFileName = "~/CMSFormControls/Basic/TextBoxControl.ascx";
newControl.UserControlType = FormUserControlTypeEnum.Input;
newControl.UserControlForText = true;

// Saves the form control to the database

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Updating an existing form control

// Gets the form control
FormUserControlInfo updateControl = FormUserControlInfoProvider.GetFormUserControlInfo("NewControl");
if (updateControl != null)
    // Updates the form control properties
    updateControl.UserControlDisplayName = updateControl.UserControlDisplayName.ToLower();

    // Saves the changes to the database

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Updating multiple form controls

// Prepares a where condition for loading form controls whose code name starts with 'NewControl'
string where = "UserControlCodeName LIKE N'NewControl%'";

// Loads the form controls into a strongly typed data set       
InfoDataSet<FormUserControlInfo> formControls = FormUserControlInfoProvider.GetFormUserControls(where, null);

// Loops through the form controls
foreach (FormUserControlInfo modifyControl in formControls)
    // Updates the properties of the form control
    modifyControl.UserControlDisplayName = modifyControl.UserControlDisplayName.ToUpper();

    // Saves the changes to the database

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Deleting a form control

// Gets the form control
FormUserControlInfo deleteControl = FormUserControlInfoProvider.GetFormUserControlInfo("NewControl");

// Deletes the form control

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